Rickshaw…..Our Cultural and Traditional Hereditary

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Even though many would not agree with me, I belive one of the most uniquely relaxing experiences that Dhaka city has to offer is a rickshaw ride through the twists & turns of its innumerable lanes & bylanes. The overall feeling is sort of difficult to explain, simply put – its is just a surge of serveal overwhelming sensations that all come at the same time. Maybe it is the light wind in my hair as the rickshaw wheezes by, or maybe its is the smooth changing scenery – it can even the funny “kring kring” noise of its horn that is so much more forgiving to the ears than those blaring car horns. On a recent ride in a rickshaw I noticed something obvious but rather interesting. In a car it is almost impossible to properly notice your surroundings since most of the time it is going to fast. However, in a rickshaw the speed is just right – to notice the smaller details. It is in a rickshaw that you can notice the name of the small grocery shop, or eavsdrop a bit of the vegetable sellers conversation. It may not seem much – but for me its the small details that make all the differece. To sum it up a a rickshaw ride is not just a meaningless transit – it is a story on three wheels!


Waiting For.....Passengers

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In our country, it is quite easy to get a rickshaw to reach the destiny. We can see thousands of rickshaws in the road. Usually rickshaws are used for short distances, but  sometimes we also ride on rickshaws for long distances when it becomes difficult to find any other transport. Rickshaws are restricted in many big streets and main roads because it fuels up traffic jam. So at the edge of the streets where it link with the main roads the Rickshaws queue up and wait for the next passenger to arrive after deporting a passenger.