Rickshaw…..Our Cultural and Traditional Hereditary

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Photo By Salman Sayeed


The Rickshaw-puller parked his Rickshaw and sat for his lunch in the footpath where this lady was sitting with the food! I thought why is he here, doesn’t he have a house and family of his own where he can have his meal, and many questions were raised in my mind. Then instead of thinking any further I went forward and asked him. He said he lives out of the city and early morning starts from home for his work, therefore it is not possible for him to go back to his place for lunch. I asked that why doesn’t he live in the city or why not maintain his profession where he lives, then he said that he works for 10 hours and the amount that he earns a day is not enough to maintain the expenses here in the city and as everything is expensive, which is unaffordable for him as he has a big family with six children. He also claimed that not much people use Rickshaw as a transport where he lives, so he doesn’t get the opportunity to earn enough money there like the city.

  I was also eager to know about the lady who was serving the food. She mentioned that this is how she earns her living by cooking all day and serving food to these people.