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Even though many would not agree with me, I belive one of the most uniquely relaxing experiences that Dhaka city has to offer is a rickshaw ride through the twists & turns of its innumerable lanes & bylanes. The overall feeling is sort of difficult to explain, simply put – its is just a surge of serveal overwhelming sensations that all come at the same time. Maybe it is the light wind in my hair as the rickshaw wheezes by, or maybe its is the smooth changing scenery – it can even the funny “kring kring” noise of its horn that is so much more forgiving to the ears than those blaring car horns. On a recent ride in a rickshaw I noticed something obvious but rather interesting. In a car it is almost impossible to properly notice your surroundings since most of the time it is going to fast. However, in a rickshaw the speed is just right – to notice the smaller details. It is in a rickshaw that you can notice the name of the small grocery shop, or eavsdrop a bit of the vegetable sellers conversation. It may not seem much – but for me its the small details that make all the differece. To sum it up a a rickshaw ride is not just a meaningless transit – it is a story on three wheels!


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Rickshaw art is a very old and common thing in Bangladesh. We can see many types of designs drawn at the back of Rickshaws in the road. After the liberation war many rickshaws used to have paintings related to the war, there used to be paintings of freedom fighters, Pakistani Army and many more things involved in the war. Nowadays we can see pictures of actor n actresses of Bengali cinema, pictures of  different flowers, birds and religious words on Rickshaws.

The rickshaw painters who does all the paintings on Rickshaws lead their life hand to mouth. They work in the stores where they gets the opportunity to do all these paintings and this is their only earning source by which they earn their family.

Rickshaw Pulling as a Profession

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Rickshaw pulling also provides day to day earnings for numerous unemployed people. People who are unskilled, poor immigrants to the cities, poverty stricken even older people forsaken by their family find rickshaw pulling as an effective earning source for their daily living. A large number of people depend on rickshaw as their bread earning source. It includes the rickshaw pullers, related people of garages, mechanics and all their family members. Though the rickshaw fares are charged more nowadays the rickshaw pullers have to do enough for their earnings as the price of necessary goods and services are getting higher and higher each day