Rickshaw…..Our Cultural and Traditional Hereditary

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During rainy days, when most of the places and streets of  the cities are water logged, Rickshaws are the one and only way of transport by which people travel in calamities. During rainy season, due to poor drainage system the roads are flooded and causes mechanical problems to the fuel  run vehicles, which most of the times ceases being effected by water. Thus Rickshaw remains the only hope for people to move to their destination during most of the natural calamities .During these sort of natural calamities the Rickshaw-pullers charges more than the regular rate.


Waiting For.....Passengers

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In our country, it is quite easy to get a rickshaw to reach the destiny. We can see thousands of rickshaws in the road. Usually rickshaws are used for short distances, but  sometimes we also ride on rickshaws for long distances when it becomes difficult to find any other transport. Rickshaws are restricted in many big streets and main roads because it fuels up traffic jam. So at the edge of the streets where it link with the main roads the Rickshaws queue up and wait for the next passenger to arrive after deporting a passenger.



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Rickshaw now-a-days in Dhaka is a very important part of our urban as well rural transport and our social heritage. Current day rickshaws have become an unavoidable mode of transport in most of the cases. Frequent oil price hikes, regular heavy traffic and various natural calamities compel a huge number of urbanites to use rickshaw as a major mode of their transportation. Rickshaws are also quite useful for short trips within adjacent areas as well citywide as Dhaka, being an old and Regal city possesses numerous routes that connects most of the areas with each other.