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The cruel and dirty conspiracy was revealed on 25th February. It was a disaster and a shameful act for our country. On the 25th,Wednesday the BDR members had attacked the army officers. They suddenly asked for a silly demand called the operation daal-bhat. At first they killed the chief of BDR, Major General Shakil along with his bodyguards and driver. Then they started torturing other officers and killed them brutally. They were divided into many different groups, some went to the Army officer’s houses, they tortured the children and women, they also raped and killed the wives of the officers. They even took many expensive things like jewelers, money etc from the officer’s houses. While they were firing on the Army, some pedestrians also had to lose their lives. Among them, there was a 13 year old boy, who was walking on the streets and a bullet just hit on his forehead. He was the only bread earner of his family and now his family has totally broken, mentally and financially. 

It has been suspected that these people are not only the BDR members but also has an influence of the JMB (terrorists organization) and probably other extremist parties. The leaders of jamat-islaami (rajakars), namely Ghulam Azam, Motiur Rahman Nizami, Ali Ahsan Mujahid, and many more who are still trying to harm us through their dirty games while we are doing nothing to prevent it. After this incident, the freedom fighters and numerous other people who survived the ‘71 war period of Bangladesh are remembering 1971 through 25th february2009. During 1971 when Bangladeshi’s sacrificed their lives to make this country independent, at that time with the help of these people and their associates Pakistani army killed many intellectual people who were considered as the jewels of Bangladesh, throughout the war period especially before 16th December, the victory day. Though they want to rule over this country once again and by making us short of our most eligible personnel, we the people of Bangladesh will never let it happen by breaking their venomous teeth even by sacrificing our precious lives once again for our beloved motherland if needed.