Rickshaw…..Our Cultural and Traditional Hereditary

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It is apparent that every rickshaw puller in Dhaka city has a living standard that can hardly be called adequate. However, in this post I would prefer concentrating on its maritial aspect. Much like all low income earners in our city – many rickshaw pullers choose to have a large family with many children. This is a strict traditional approach, since in earlier times the life expectancy of newborns were much less & many would die within a year of birth – therefore people would like to have many kids so at least some of them get to survive. Even though such mentality seems harsh in our modern times, but sadly – it is still a priority many rickshawpullers follow even today. The other reason to have a large family of course – is so that the children can help support the family financially as soon as they are able to. Hence, if one would care to find out – many of the child workers all over the city are sons & daughters of rickshawpullers. The rickshawpullers also have a higher rate of divorce & many cases of women abuse occour due to them.