Rickshaw…..Our Cultural and Traditional Hereditary

An Untold Story

Posted on: April 21, 2009

Photo by Monica Chowdury


I was walking by the street of Dhaka University to take some pictures for  my photography course, when my eyes moved at the corner of the street where these little boys were playing with some empty bottles and some colorful  straws. I don’t know why but I became curious to know about them! Somehow these little children really touched my heart. Some of them mentioned that their fathers are Rickshaw-pullers. So I inquired about their life style. Some of them said they read in schools but most of them just play around and do nothing. At that point I realized that they have no idea about the importance of education and neither does their parents. Therefore I told them that they should all go to schools and gain knowledge so that they can earn a lot of respect and money in the society and lead a very good and healthy life in the future.

   After a while I took out my camera to take their pictures, and I cannot express in words how happy they were. Before I could ask them to stand in a line, they started giving different poses. Then I told them that I will take their pictures only if they promise me that they will convince their parents to admit them to  school. Without even uttering any other word they all at once smiled and screamed saying the word “PROMISE’’. 


2 Responses to "An Untold Story"

government should take at least one step to admit this street boys in the school.here govt and their parents are not concern about it..they are living happily in their expectation..that’s why may be they don’t care…and enjoying daily life..

it’s a sad story everyone knows about, but our problem is we dont do anything to make their lives a little better. Maybe only if we could give them somthing to makke them hapy, i’m sure their happiness will eventually makke us happy too.

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